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Rating: 10.0

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About Crazy

If you are searching for a .io video game that centers on Fast-paced and Action gameplay, then you are right to choose Crazy In fact, none of the players that have experienced this video game fell to meet their expectations. Crazy allows you to smash in a gaming environment that is full of colorized players. You can call your character “Gummy friend” if you want.
The main action is this fun video game is making a smash down by jumping up. Each time when you do that, your character will release shockwaves, which is the only attack that you can cause to your surround opponents. The battlefield keeps on being destroyed partly and the environment will defeat the unlucky players even before someone hunt him down.
Only the smartest and quickest player can outplay his opponent and become the biggest player in the arena. Even more, you can also choose a skin type for your gummy character in this video game Crazy Playing Crazy is such a good chance to test your endurance. Are you the one that can survive after all the attacks of multiplayer around you? Let’s answer that question by approaching Crazy now!

How to play:

  • Your character needs you to guide him by using your computer mouse.
  • Press the left-mouse button to jump.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to push back as many players as you can, since this action will make you become large and heavy.
  2. If you or any other player be knocked out of the edge of a cliff, the gameplay is permanently be closed.

Crazy Unblocked:

  1. We truly understand that you do not have time for crap elements, which is why we suggest you come and try Crazy Unblocked at After you get into the battlefield of Crazy Unblocked, you will understand why you should not miss it. Let’s play Crazy Unblocked at now!


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