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About is an impressive Shooter and .io video game. In this game, the player will take the role of a pilot whose task is controlling his helicopter.

The playground is in danger, and the other pilots, as well as the tank’s drivers, are trying to take over the throne. You are the hero of your gameplay, and that’s why you go out there on your own to fight against forces of enemies with the same or even more effective shooter. To survive in the playground without being attacked to dead, you will need to be brave, fast and brilliant. Trust us, no player has all those characters at the beginning of, but after a couple of times losing the game, somehow you will be able to nurture your braveness, speed and senses. contains massive attacks not only from the multiple actual players but also the PCs. Each battle in only lasts for a few seconds, but the result it leaves can affect any player’s gameplay. No one cares about anyone in this game since one second of Altruism will kill the chance of advancing in the playground. Be wise, or else you will die! 

You are able to level up your helicopter and gather sorts of upgrades while you are trying to survive. The higher the level you reach in the game, the more powerful you become. Are you ready to step on up to the top of the leaderboard and claim the game world of yours? Let’s get straight to the battles in now!

How to play:

  • Use the W/S/D/A buttons to move the helicopter.
  • Press the left-click mouse to shoot your enemies until they are all dead.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can only face one enemy at once. If you take the risk dealing with two shooter machines at the same time, then say hi to your death.
  2. The game serves with most players will be the funniest ones. Choose them! Unblocked:

  1. Are you searching for Unblocked? At, you will be able to play Unblocked at wherever you like and whenever you want. Just type in the search bar and start your promising adventure with one of the biggest game libraries in the world!


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