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About is a Multiplayer competition, Logic and Strategy video game developed by “Sky4ce09”. You may get addicted to this game while playing by stimulation to challenge yourself. This game is free to play and there is no account registration needed. All you need to do is select a game mode and jump straight into it!
Although the object of this game is quite simple, capture enemy commanders and protect your own commander from being captured but there are complex strategies established by experienced players. To achieve victory, you have to expand your territory, develop the strongest army to defeat your enemy and conquer their land. The turn-based system lasting a second help you to quick response and it makes this game even more excited because you have to work out a strategy quickly and correctly. include alternative playing mode that works great whether you're a beginner trying out your first battle round for entertain or a competitive player looking forward to being on top of the ranking. To be more specific, single-player is a mode where you play against a bot. Take this chance to get used to the game and practice your skills. You can also play against another player or team up and play against 5 other players. There are 25 turns and players get an extra unit every round so tries to attack and conquer enemy land near the end of each round. While finding their commander, remember to protect your own too!
Now let’s go and make your own creative strategies to be on top of the leading broad! 

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to select tile, /W/, /A/, /S/, /D./ from the keyboard to make movement.
  • Press 2 to place the dynamite and 1 to build the castle. /Q/ to clear all moves, /E/ to clear the last move.
  • Use the shift key to split the army in half.

Tips and tricks:

  1. It’s important to expand your land, it provides you to have a faster army. To move into a new land and quickly extend your power, use the 2-unites tiles near the edge of your area.
  2. Extend as many unknown territories as possible which help you to have a wide range of vision on all flanks around your commander.
  3. Careful that your opponents might sneak and attack your army, instead of picking fights with multiple players, you should only attack the nearest opponent.
  4. Don’t build castles unless you’re sure your opponent can’t reach them and destroy them! Unblocked:  

  1. To play Unblocked for free, I would like to introduce website. Here, you have many different great unblocked games to play. Enjoy your free time!


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