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Buzzy Bees

Rating: 10.0

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About Buzzy Bees:

Buzzy Bees is a multiplayer competition, Strategy video game developed by “Soulsplosion”. Your object is to be the first player that built the biggest, strongest hive among other players. You will start the game by moving around, looking for flowers and touching them to collect pollen.
There is a limited bar below that tells you the maximum number of pollens you can gather, choose the convenient area to place your hive and return pollen by touching it. The flower will disappear if its pollens are all taken. Your team will have a maximum of 5 members that share the same honey; therefore, teamwork and cooperation to build an effective strategy is the key to victory.
Remember to use the shop items as your advantages such as upgrades and stronger stingers. To be more powerful, killing other players and destroying hives. 
Let’s enjoy Buzzy Bees to have this fun experience of bee-life and defeat other hives with your teammates!

How to play:

  • Touching the flowers to gather pollen, to return pollens, touch your hive. Left-click is used for shooting. /B/ to open the store and /T/ to invite members to your team.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The more you kill other players and destroying hives the more you loot
  2. You can buy items such as guards and gatherers to support

Buzzy Bees Unblocked:

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