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An outbreak of humans and zombies are going to happen in Do you think that it’s quite similar to, a famous zombie survival .io game? It might be yes; however, you are free to stand side by side either humans or zombies. Which one do you choose? And how to gain the success? Down here to know!

Firstly, please apprehend each different task when being a human or zombie. As the human, you have to survive as long as possible. As the zombie, infecting all humans is your objective. At the beginning of each round, there are no zombies. That means you’re a harmless human and you need to be agile to protect yourself from danger by using available stuff like tables, chairs, TVs, big boxes, and so on. Bear in mind that the zombies can move the stuff like you, so making sure to brace everything against a wall. Since you just have 85 seconds to arrange your own base, please ask others’ support or do this solo if you believe in your ability.

In case that you’re not sure where to build the base, you can follow someone with a high score on the leaderboard or powerful weapons, items. Or simply, find a good place to hide such as bushes. Unluckily, you’re discovered, the final way is to run for your life. But remember that the higher score you have, the faster you can run.

Now,let’s talk about appearance of the hostile zombies. When the outbreak counter (at the top) reaches zero, some players will turn into the Red Zombies automatically. If you fall into this situation, start moving and finding the human to infect. Or you’re infected by the zombies, be quick to change your task, okay?

No matter who are you, don’t forget to access SHOP to purchase some necessary items such as Stick, Baseball Bat, Pill, Potato Gun or change some unique and cool skins. Ensure you have enough Food (check it at the bottom) to own all. By all means, you can discover lots of new and interesting updates when the game develops. Don’t wait too much time! Jump into right away!

How to play:

To guide your character, tap WASD or arrow keys. To turn or spin, use the mouse cursor. To grab or avail the items, hit the left mouse. While the right mouse is to pick up the items, G button is to drop them.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Avoid those who are smaller than you since they might turn into a zombie and attack you.
  2. Take full advantage of walls of the rooms to support your obstacles, stopping the zombies from pushing and penetrating into your room.


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