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About Black

If you are seeking for a unique video game to play throughout the weekend without getting bored, we suggest you check up on this amazing .io video game Black The name of this video game, however, gives you the hint about the gameplay when you read it. In Black, you will take the role of a black hole.
The game allows you to move around the game world, which looks exactly like the modern world with buildings, vehicles, and more. What you need to do, like a black hole, is trying your best to absorb anything that you are able to absorb. Logically, you can only eat the things that are smaller than your size. The bigger unmovable kinds of stuff cannot harm you, but the other bigger black holes can.
As you can see, Black allows any player around the world to join the game, within the same server, which means you are not the only that is active in the game. You will be playing alongside the other players. As a matter of fact, the other players can eat you if you are smaller than them, and you can also do the same thing. Just make sure that you are not the smallest hole in the game world. Good luck with Black!

How to play:

  • To select, use the left click button.
  • To move, use a computer mouse.

Tips and tricks:

  1. When you see a bigger hole, run as fast as you can and avoid any interaction with it.
  2. You should only commit yourself to a battle when you are big enough.

Black Unblocked:

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