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About Bigfoxwarz.IO:

Bigfoxwarz.IO Unblocked is a web browser-based video game that was designed in Agario style, an online multiplayer where players will eat some specific items and other smaller enemies in order to become bigger and stronger. By entering the Bulgusu tribe, a noble tribe that will host the annual warrior event of all tribes this year, the player will be given a magical fox and the mission is to help this fox to become the king of the jungle.
In Bigfoxwarz.IO Unblocked, the journey of our fox is not that simple because at first, you will be a baby fox that trying to stay alive by eating fruits along the way and hide away from bigger foxes. The more fruits you consume, the bigger you will become and will be Level Up. Once you’ve reached an ideal size, you could start hunting smaller foxes and fruits at the same time. Eating smaller foxes will gain you more points than fruits and you will be Level UP even faster. Also notice that when you’ve become a grown-up Fox, everything around you will become smaller, such as fruits, trees, etc. there will be more giant foxes appear to challenge you, so stay smart and move fast!

How to play:    

  • Use your mouse cursor to navigate the Fox.
  • Eat fruits, avoid bigger foxes and devour smaller foxes.

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you are being chased by a bigger fox, try to find a dark hole nearby and jump right into it. By doing so, you will be teleported to another random location far away from the current threat.
  2. There are more fruits around the 04 corner areas of the map, so from the beginning of the game, try to reach there as fast as you can.

Bigfoxwarz.IO Unblocked:

  1. If you want to play Bigfoxwarz.IO Unblocked at school or in the office, let’s pay a visit to this site: In this website, there are many more other Unblocked games waiting for you to explore too!

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