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Area51 Stormers

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About Area51 Stormers:

Area51 Stormers is a cool platform war game, acting in conjunction with tactics. You are assigned to a battlefield, along with your teammates, to penetrate inside. Many zombie names are guarding the gate with guns equipped to shoot you at any time. Don't be caught, you'll be arrested and led into prison and must find a way to escape.

Your mission will appear on the top of the screen, you must avoid the zombie, survive to continue for a specified period. With you, there are many other players. You can find hiding places when zombies are released or run, do not let them see and catch up.

This game needs to use a lot of keys on the keyboard, to move, equip, and use weapons. When you start playing, you will be given the character name, think for yourself the right name and meaning. Please invite your friends to play this attractive video game!

How to play:

  • Moving with AWSD keys or arrow keys
  • Buying items using the “B” key
  • Getting the item with the “E” key
  • Removing the item with the “G” key

Tips and tricks:

  1. Playing the full screen to make it easier to control the character
  2. Using AWSD keys to move is more comfortable than using arrow keys

Area51 Stormers Unblocked:

  1. When playing Area51 Stormers Unblocked at, you will be supported with full-screen play, easy-to-understand instructions, which many other websites don't have. What are you waiting for, play now!