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About is a Platform, .io and Puzzle video game, which enables multiplayer to come and participate in it. In this video game, you will have to try to form as many squares within a battlefield as you can. As you can see, the battlefield is filled with blurred squares. Once you take your turn and choose one side of any square, the side that you choose will be marked with your color.
Each side is only available for once, which means if it has been taken, then it is no longer available for anyone to touch it. You cannot delete what you have done after you pick a side of a square. Be careful! The game gives each player 15 seconds for one turn. As soon as you form a square, you will get the chance to replay. One of the most interesting things about this video game is that it supports the multiplayer mode, which allows 2 to 6 players in one match. The game even allows you to have private parties and seek even more challenges from the global players.
This game’s name may sound a bit childish, but do not let it fool you since some adults find it hard to even manage the game quickly. If you have gathered enough information about the game, let’s get to now and enjoy it!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to point a side of any square on the battlefield.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The more players are involved, the harder the battle becomes.
  2. If you let your opponent form a square first, then you almost lose the game to him or her. Unblocked:

  1. If you are interested in Unblocked, why don’t you invite some of your friends to participate in the game with you at You will have the chance to experience an amazing game environment, which is supported by a fast connection. Let’s go!