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While we sleep: Slendrina is here

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PLAY NOW While we sleep: Slendrina is here
While we sleep: Slendrina is here

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About While we sleep: Slendrina is here:

While we sleep: Slendrina is here Unblocked is a horror action game for your nightmare. Sleeping is one of the vital things you need for your survival and when you sleep, your brain plays an important role in creating a dream. You can have a beautiful dream that being a prince/ princess or being rich but sometimes it is made to make you become a warrior who has to fight with a strange and creepy creature! And it is Slendrina which is your fearest obsession.

You are in a dusky and abandoned park lonely, nobody here and everything surrounds you are too dark to observe and fight. Your mission in this game looks easy but it’s not: finding 6 keys which are dotted in the first map before taking on Slendrina to complete and kill Slendrina to wake up and enjoy the winner- the hero feelings. There are many creepy creatures at this park and they always appear suddenly and gives you a jump. Imagine that you are at the center of these creepy rotations.

Your weapon is simply a lead pipe, a shotgun, and a Colt45. Using them as a good tool to protect you and help you wipe out them while traveling through the night. Holding it tightly and attacking them once you see or you will be killed by their attacks. Let defeat the evil spirit and kill Slendrina for the safety of our world!

While most people are deeply sleeping there are others trying their best to fight to keep our safety. You are that hero and it believed that you will complete the mission perfectly.

How to play:

  • WASD to walk Around
  • Mouse to look Around
  • Left mouse button to Fire
  • Right mouse button to Aim
  • Mouse Wheel to Change Weapons
  • R to Reload
  • F to Pick up items
  • Left Shift to Run
  • Lest Ctrl to Crouch
  • X to Prone
  • Space to Jump

Tips and tricks:

  1. Change the weapon constantly to attack these creatures
  2. Always be ready for every second because these creepy creatures always appear suddenly.

While we sleep: Slendrina is here Unblocked:

  1. It's better to sparing with being blocked, play freely and smoothly, having the best experiences and entertain the time with our online game website your fear and escaping Slendrina with While we sleep: Slendrina is here Unblocked. Enjoy your game!


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