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Slendrina Must Die: The Cellar Room

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Slendrina Must Die: The Cellar Room

Rating: 9.2

Votes: 13

Plays: 6.1k

About Slendrina Must Die: The Cellar Room:

Slendrina Must Die: The Cellar Room is a Survival Horror video game, which centers on the Shooter & Exploring elements. The game brings in a horror character, whose name is Slendrina. Slendrina is an evil spirit, who died a long time ago before the event in the video game happens. The truth about her is still undercover until now, and your mission is uncovering it!
The game requires you to find all the eight books that are considered as the parts of Slendrina’s diary, in which multiple facts about her are revealed. Slendrina, however, is unhappy with the idea of letting the world know about herself, so she will be trying to prevent you from finding her diary. You will be able to move around the cellar of Slendrina and collect all the books that are lying around the grounds. Slendrina will attack you whenever you are not lucky enough.
Unlike what you think, alongside the mission of finding out about Slendrina’s past, you will also have to fight against her. Let’s get ready to fight for yourself in this exciting Survival Horror video game!

How to play:

  • Press W/A/S/D = walk around.
  • Press the Left mouse button = fire.
  • Press the right mouse button = aim.
  • Press the mouse wheel = change weapons.
  • Press R = reload.
  • Press F = pick up items.
  • Press the left shift button to run.
  • Press the left CTRL to crouch.
  • Press the C button to prone.
  • Press the space button to jump.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Stay tuned until the end of the game, you will be surprised with the ending part of it!
  2. The game will be less scary if you low the volume a little bit.

Slendrina Must Die: The Cellar Room Unblocked:

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