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Slender Must Die: Dead Space

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Slender Must Die: Dead Space

Rating: 7.5

Votes: 4

Plays: 2.7k

About Slender Must Die: Dead Space:

Slender Must Die: Dead Space Unblocked is 3d horror survival action game in which takes place in a dusky, terrible abandoned space station, you first think it's nobody here but the reality is not. There is someone or something here, maybe that is a strange creature which has strong and dangerous power. It's called Slenderman and you have to escape the Slenderman or you will be killed underneath his power.

It seemed that Slenderman is an eternal legend and their terrors and evil never die- never end. They exist around you and always wait for the chance to harm you and humanity. Moreover, your space shift runs out of energy so you had to find some energy cells to save it and survive. Your mission in this game is to find different 13 energy cells that are scattered around the station to restore your space shift and not only that, you need to try to hunt down or escape the Slenderman. Look out for the creep villain, use any hi-tech weapon you could find while moving to wipe out him!

The battle started and just only the bravest warrior can alive and save the space shift still active too. Be that one!

How to play:

  • WASD to walk Around
  • Mouse to look Around
  • Left mouse button to Fire
  • Right mouse button to Aim
  • Mouse Wheel to Change Weapons
  • R to Reload
  • F to Pick up items
  • Left Shift to Run
  • Lest Ctrl to Crouch
  • C to Prone
  • Space to Jump

Tips and tricks:

  1. Finding and using any hi-tech weapon to destroy the slender man
  2. Try to gather 13 cells of energies to complete the mission

Slender Must Die: Dead Space Unblocked:

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