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Learn to Fly 2

Rating: 8.6

Votes: 145

Plays: 29.1k

About game

Learn 2 Fly or usually called as Learn to Fly 2 is an interesting flash game that was created by the Light Bringer Games and released on June 16th, 2011. This is the sequel of Learn to Fly game and the second installment of a series game with the same name. With an interesting storyline, cute graphics, simple gameplay, and enhanced mechanics, this game is higher rated than its previous game and suitable for all ages.

The fact that just a few days after its release date, this game has received lots of positive comments of gamers from all around the world. And until this game, it has launched a version for both Android and iOS devices.


After the events of Learn to Fly, the penguin wakes up in the hospital. He is bandaged on his head because of the injuries. He continues searching on the internet. At the first time, he is very happy when seeing that Dodo can't fly. However, rapidly, he is so angry when seeing that the penguin also can't fly. He reads lots of books and realizes that he is unable to fly himself. So, he decides to employ a dummy penguin to fill in for him. After upgrading the dummy's equipment to its maximum, finally, he can use it to destroy an iceberg.

Immediately, he announces his accomplishment on his social media site called Fakebook. However, all the things he received just are criticism and insult. Too frustrated, he decides to shove his treasure chest of equipment out the door. However, it's isn't all. A secret ending of this game shows that finally, the penguin can make his dummy fly over iceberg and toward the island of Mauritius - where there is a dodo living in a hut. This dummy's journey destroys the dodo's hut and helps players to receive the ICBP medal.


There are three modes in this game including the Story mode, Classic Mode, and Arcade mode.

Story mode: This is the default mode of this game and introduces the twist of obstacles that players need to get through. There are 5 obstacles that you need to go through. They are the snowman, the snow mound, rocky hill, iceberg, and finally, is the wall.

Classic mode: This mode is quite simple and the main mission of players just is plain out flying without any budget constraints.

Arcade mode: This mode requires players to try to fly as high and as far as possible with a limited amount of money.

Learn to fly 2 cheats and secrets


Most gamers want to have the cheats when playing games to enjoy their favorite ones easier and Learn to fly 2's fans are also like that. For this reason, in this article, we will introduce you 2 cheats of this game that we've found.

Cheat 1: Unlock all modes

As mentioned above, there are three modes in this game and players must complete the Story mode to unlock the rest ones. However, with this cheat, you still can enjoy Classic or Arcade modes even when you haven't completed the default mode. It is very easy and I will tell you now!

When accessing this game, at the menu screen, let's click the penguin’s beak (like the image below) and you will be able to unlock all modes in this game.

Cheat 2: Super Flight

This cheat will help you to improve your flying skill, fly higher and further, and get more score. So powerful, isn't it?

In order to do this cheat, you must have a previously saved game. After that, click the new game, select menu, choose quit game and yes. After that click story mode. While the game starts, let's quit it again then choose to load your saved game to use this cheat.


There are lots of secrets in this game and below are all of them.

  1. Give an inch: Let's click on your money in the shop to earn a dollar. And for each time you do that, you will receive 100 BP.
  2. ... he'll take a yard: Let's click on your money in the shop again. Remind you that you must have the previous medal to perform. And you will receive 100 BP for this activity.
  3. The brick: Click on the secret glider option that is located below the Whirlybird 512 to unlock the brick for free. With this discovery, you will receive 100 BP.
  4. Revenge of the Brick: Let's use the brick as your glider to destroy an obstacle and you will receive 100 BP as a reward.
  5. 5. It's Rob: You may be refueled at mid-flight by Rob (this chance is random and occurs only once). Similar to other secrets, you also receive 100 BP if discovery this one.
  6. Rise! You may be able to relaunch from the current position by crashing into the snow if having Zeus does it. However, this chance is also random and only occurs once.
  7. Click on the penguin's beak on the main screen to unlock all modes of this game. In addition, the game also rewards you with 100 BP for this discovery.
  8. Achievement: Click on the medal to get 100 BP.

How to Play:

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to steer
  • Use spacebar to use a boost
  • Use the mouse to interact.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
  • You can play this game in full-screen mode to have the greatest experience.
  • Upgrade as soon as you can, it is the best way that can help you win this game easier.
  • Do follow some cheats and secrets above to play this game easier as well as earn rewards from the game.

Learn to fly 2 unblocked game

According to the opinion of lots of players, Learn to fly 2 is really a great game to play and enjoy. It has an addictive storyline and attractive gameplay as well. Those are the main reasons make this game become one of the most favorite games of so many people. However, lots of people who love this game mostly can't access and play it in some special areas such as school, restaurant, and workplace. The reason is that these areas prevent people from playing games there by blocking almost gaming sites. If you also meet this situation, we have a great solution for you. It's is a special version - Learn to fly 2 unblocked which is offered for free on Freegames66.

On this site, you can play your favorite game at anywhere you want as long as you can connect to the internet. So, let's bookmark our site on your browser and the next time when you want to play this game, everything will be easier.

Now, let's enter the game and help your penguin to fly as far as possible. Good luck!





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