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Rating: 8.6

Votes: 1,660

Plays: 170.8k

About Superfighters

Superfighters is a flash action game developed by Alexander Siigur, with design and art made by Johan Hjarpe and music made by Hzlancer. What makes the game unique is its incredibly cute art style that gives the player a familiar feeling as if they’re playing classic video games like Contra and Mario...

This game supports 2 players and has 3 modes which include VS mode (free-for-all), Stage mode (team) and Survival mode:

  • VS mode: you can against up to 7 opponents and can choose the stage that you want to fight in.
  • Stage mode: there are a total of 12 maps in this mode and you’ll have to finish all the challenges to unlock a new player skin.
  • Survival Mode: in this mode, you’ll fight wave after wave of enemies with a time limit, so try to defeat the enemies as quick as you can.

You can carry with you one close-range weapon, one gun and one grenade at a time. To replace a weapon in one of these slots, duck and press the melee key when near a weapon.

On the stages, there will be obstacles like explosive crates, making it so that you have to be careful when you get close to them as you can be burnt and lose health when it explodes. You can also break wooden crates, roadblock bars... to move forward.

There will be random weapons lying around the stage that you can pick up and use in the match. Remember that when using a gun, you have to aim and shoot because if not, the gun will only fire in a straight line.

If you’re a fan of these fighting type games, you can also play other similar games like Gun Mayhem 2, Hobo...

How To Play

  • Player 1 use arrow keys and Player 2 use WASD to move.
  • Player 1 use N and Player 2 use 1 to punch.
  • Player 1 use “,” and Player 2 use 3 to throw grenade.
  • Player 1 use M and Player 2 use 2 to shoot.
  • Player 1 use “.” and Player 2 use 4 to power up.

Tips and Tricks

You can pause/resume/restart and turn the music on/off on the game screen.