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Planet Racer

Rating: 10.0

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Plays: 2.3k

About Planet Racer:

Planet Racer is defined as a racing game in which your ultimate goal is to become the Planet Racer’s king.

Regarding the game’s context, each racer is trying their best to become the king of the planet. You are not an exception. You have decided to challenge the current king.

However, you need to pay a fee in order to race with the king. Not to mention that you have to build your reputation, win more money, and repair your car along the way.

Particularly, it is essential that players gradually build up their reputation by winning against several different racers. In addition to racing, Planet Racer consists of a lot of fascinating features.

First of all, you will need to select the difficulty level you expect to play. After that, configure your car by purchasing afterburner, engine, tires, and so on.

You should pay attention to the amount of money left since you have to pay money in order to move to a new planet.

As soon as you come to a new planet, an opponent appears to propose a racing offer. You need to define your strategies to decide whether to refuse or accept the offer.

You can deal to win cash or a car, but the decision is up to your opponent.

How to Play:

Here are the keys that you will use in Planet Racer.

  • Up arrow key: speed up
  • Down arrow key: reverse
  • Left arrow key: lean left
  • Right arrow key: lean right
  • Space: afterburner

Tips and Tricks:

  1. After each race, the statistics will be damaged, so pay attention to repair your car
  2. If you lose your car, you need to start over with a new game
  3. Don’t use afterburner while you are up in the air

Planet Racer Unblocked:

  1. The unblocked version of Planet Racer is now available online. Let’s try out, and you will see that Planet Racer is completely different from other games with a similar concept.