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Goku Fighting

Rating: 8.6

Votes: 7

Plays: 4.2k

About Goku Fighting:

Is there anything more interesting than playing games that are based on your favorite anime series? Well, your wish finally comes true with Goku Fighting, a Fighting, Action game that can be played on your web browser.

The game based on the worldwide popular Japanese series Dragon Ball, which is originally a comic series published from 1984 to 1995 in Japan. The characters in the series have been receiving love from the comic’s fans all around the world and making their appearance in more than 90 video games on different platforms.

Along with the fame of Dragon Ball, Goku Fighting is a game that centers on Battling. The game lets the player to choose the favorite character among Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi… to start the gameplay. You can play as a single player and fight against the other characters or invite a friend to come and battle against you with Multiplayer mode.

The Multiplayer mode will separate the keyboard into two different parts so you and your competitor can have space to perform your own fighting skills. Goku Fighting will bring you the exact looks of the Dragon Ball series and the character are too adorable to handle. Keep calm and fight to be the last man that stands on the play filed.

How to play:

  • The first player can use the following buttons on the keyboard which includes “W”,”A”,”S” and “d” to move in the intended directions, use “J”, “K”, “L” and “U”,”I”,”O” to perform the attacks. The second player is able to use the arrow keys to move and the number buttons to fight the first player.

Tip and tricks:

  1. You are able to perform special attacks using “O” for the first player and “4” for the second player.

Goku Fighting Unblocked:

  1. On, you can play Goku Fighting without any limitation since the Unblocked version of Goku Fighting are involved in that website. You can even explore many different lovely games like Goku Fighting Unblocked. Come and see!

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