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Reactor Incremental

Rating: 7.8

Votes: 23

Plays: 14.6k

About Reactor Incremental

Reactor Incremental is a fun game which was developed by Cael and Mephyst. The game's content is about building a reactor that can manage itself without, or with very little human intervention. In fact that, this game is inspired by a very popular game - the Minecraft mod IndustrialCraft. In this game, your mission is to create power by a reactor. When you have the power, you can sell it to earn Exotic Particles and upgrade the prestige.

There are many types of the reactor in Reactor Incremental such as starter reactor (also known as Manually Cooled Reactor), Direct Cooling Reactor, Manual Cash-In Reactors, Stable Reactor, Manually Enhanced Reactors, and Coolant Cell Reactors; each reactor has different feature.

How to play Reactor Incremental?

  • To begin, players click the button "Scrounge for cash (+1$)". Each click is +1$ and players have to click 10 times to afford the first Uranium power cell. when you have your first Uranium power cell, you can earn money to purchase more components.
  • Remind that, you have to decrease the heat of the reactor consecutively unless want to explode the reactor. In the beginning, you can reduce the heat of the reactor by clicking the button "-1 Heat" (The reactor cools very slowly before your upgrades). When you earn enough money, you can purchase a Heat Vent and place it next to the cell to reduce the heat automatically.
  • To replace the cell as needed, you hold button Shift and left click with the selected component to replace all of the depleted cells at the same time.

Tips and tricks

  • If you don’t like to click button -1 Heat, you should not buy the double Uranium cell until you can afford a Heat vent.
  • You shouldn’t put all the cells next to the other because when you can’t control the heat of the reactor, which makes all of your reactors explode.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Reactor Incremental how to get exotic particles?

There are many people wonder that how to get exotic particles. in fact, Exotic particles are received by prestige; The numbers of exotic particles gained is based on the total power created or total heat dissipated.

  • Reactor Incremental when to prestige

When to prestige is a common question of many players. And the authors of reactor incremental - Cael and Mephyst advice all the players that they should wait until having earned at least 51 exotic particles before considering prestige (soft-resetting) for the first time.

Where to play Reactor Incremental?

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  2. Come to, I am sure that you will have the fantastic and interesting time on our website.
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