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Reactor Idle

Rating: 10.0

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About Reactor Idle:

Welcome to Reactor Idle, one of the most creative games in this world. The game was made with HTML5 so that it can run on all modern web browsers. Reactor Idle is an Incremental game, in which you will start by buying a land which costs you 0 dollar. On this fresh land, you gotta purchase power plants in order to create and sell energy to gain profit.

Starting up with one dollar, you might get the chance to be a millionaire, or even sextillion. Isn’t it amazing? The more money you earn, the more plants you can buy. You are able to build up Reactors that help you to expand the profit margin.

The game brings you into the green land that you have bought at the beginning and what you have to do is build up the first tiny white wind turbine. When this wind turbine finishes making powers, you will have to sell the powers it made to earn profit. The turbines you build up will stay on their own squares, after finishing producing powers, they will be blurred on the land, by clicking on them again, you will bring them back and help you produce even more powers.

You can either build up new turbines or keep clicking on the old turbines. Other than the wind turbines, you can also build up Research center to find out how to make more powers to gain more profits. In case you want to improve the power plants so they can work better, just buy Upgrades on the upper corner of the screen.

How to play:

  • Click on “Buy” on the Start screen to buy your first land, then click on the Wind turbine icon on the left side of the screen and right after that, choose a square on you green land then click on it to build your first wind turbine. After the wind turbine finishes producing powers, click ‘Sell all powers”.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can earn the highest profits if you wait until the “Sell all powers’ scale turns red. The more lands your buy, the bigger power empire you create.

Reactor Idle Unblocked:

  1. Go to to play the Unblocked version of Reactor Idle, you will be amazed with all the greatest elements that will be brought to you after just one simple click. Lots of games like Reactor Idle Unblocked are waiting for you there!