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Rating: 8.3

Votes: 120

Plays: 34.3k

About Pinata

Pinata is a simple recreational game. In this game you click the mouse to break the eggs or the multi-colored stars to get the pieces of candy into the dogs mouth.

Every time the dog eats a piece of candy, the level bar will increase, and the higher the level, the more pieces of candy that will fall out, but the eggs and the stars will also be harder to break. To make breaking them easier, the game lets you upgrade your individual clicks to get more hits using the candy. You can also use candy to buy assist items such as maces, boxing gloves, hammers, battle axes... which will automatically hit the targets and break them, dropping candy out.

Pinata also has another unique feature in that even when you’re offline, the game will still play on its own and when you return, you’ll receive an amount of candy base on how much time you’ve been offline. If you’re playing Pinata and had to stop because you’re busy with something, don’t worry as this system will help you out quite a bit. You can also play similar games such as Cookie Maze...

How To Play

Use the mouse to hit the target.

Tips and Tricks

Upgrade the auto hit weapons before going offline so you’ll receive more candy.


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