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Epic Clicker

Rating: 8.9

Votes: 120

Plays: 20.0k

About Epic Clicker:

Epic Clicker is a tower defense game that combines the unique clicker genre developed by the Mad Puffers team.

The game has two modes for players: Online and Local. If you play online, you will be supported by a Pet and it will help you a lot.

Before you start the game, you will see a tutorial on the game's storyline. The gods of Egypt, Thor, the Roman warriors and knights are fighting together with the monsters that are destroying the world. Everyone destroyed all the monsters, but the demon lord appears, always kicked all people. And your task is to be alone against the evil forces that are appearing. You are the last witch.

You will use the mouse to click on the monsters. With each click will be a slash. When the monster is out of HP, it disappears and you gain gold. Use this gold to upgrade your damage, or to rescue the heroes being petrified.

The attraction of the game is that there are many great features. When you level up, you will unlock new spells, or you will have random items that will appear on the screen, or you will receive daily login ... Especially the Boss, after defeating the boss "Gang Nam Style", you will be opened treasure chests.

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How To Play:

  • The operation in the game is very simple. Just use your mouse and click on everything you want.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Upgrade yourself and release the heroes as soon as you can.
  2. After using spells, they will have a cooldown time.


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