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VW Golf Simulator

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About VW Golf Simulator:

Have you ever approached a Racing video game that does not allow you to race until you get yourself a visual vehicle? Well, this Platform, Racing and Car video game VW Golf Simulator is a video game like that.

Before the player gets to show off his driving skills, he will have to take advantage of the given budget to purchase a car for himself. VW Golf Simulator offers 200000$ in cash for the player to startup. The most affordable car named Golf 1, which takes the form of a CUV car in real life while the most expensive one is the Golf 2 Offroad which costs 160000$. The player will have to consider his demand and budget before he taps to buy his favorite car. After purchasing one car, the player has it in his pocket, and he is also able to select it for his next playtime. Besides choosing the type of car, the player can modify some of his car's part such as the color, plate, and spoiler.

There are three different game modes for the player to pick one when he comes to the game world of VW Golf Simulator. The first and most exciting game mode is the "Mission and Events" game mode, which always surprises you with the lots of breath-taking tasks that you can do for money. If you are really into chilling around the great sceneries filled with attractions, then you should have yourself a little bit of the TEST area and Entertainment of VW Golf Simulator. Apart from the mentioned game modes, the Free Drive game mode offers to race your purchased car just the way you like.

How to play:

  1. Use the computer mouse to pick options from the game.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to steer your selected car.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You should stay away from wasting all your available budget without earning more cash.
  2. You can practice driving your car in the TEST area and Entertainment game mode.

VW Golf Simulator Unblocked:

  1. You can continue to claim your victory in VW Golf Simulator Unblocked at More than just a game website, offers an endless adventure to the land of free-to-play Unblocked video games. Have fun with now!

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