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Rich Cars

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 1

Plays: 622

About Rich Cars:

Rich Cars is a product of Smokoko publisher. It is an exciting driving car game for someone who loves the speed. You can play it free online on many game websites.

The gameplay is straightforward. You can choose different cars to drive, collect gems on the way and finish each level as fast as possible in the game.

You can also use the rocket to destroy the obstacles on the road. Your cars are charged by rockets.

Rich Cars has a simple and cute design. With the smooth control, you can comfortably ride the car in every race.

It’s time for you to participate in an exciting race, quickly get into your car and sit behind the wheel, drive the car and remember to watch the time countdown.

Your car will run on different terrains, meet many obstacles as well as collect gems to increase power until reaching the finish destination.

How to play:

  • In Rich Cars 1, you will control the game by using your mouse or keyboard.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can use arrow keys to forward/ reverse/ balance, Z key for rocket, X key for turbo, and spacebar to jump.
  2. You should check the time and health carefully when driving the car if you don’t want to die soon and the game is over.

Rich Cars Unblocked:

  1. You can play Rich Cars free on the Freegames66 site, even at the places when you are forbidden to access gaming sites like your schools or workplaces.
  2. It is the first version of this car game series, Rich Cars 1. You can explore more games with new challenges after you finish it.
  3. So, it’s more interesting to enjoy this game at any time and any places you want.