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Developed by Chaz, has soon become one of the most popular .io games with a simple yet addicting gameplay. If you’re a loyal fan of this world, don’t miss it at any cost. Tap on the Play button and start now!

At first, please customize your character (a little ball) and then pick up FFA mode to play. Truly, you’re no stranger to the main goal of this game because it belongs to the .io world. That means your final aim is to attain the top position on the scoreboard and maintain it as long as possible.

Of course, you have to become the last survivor after defeating other players in the game. However, the difference is that this game offers a variety of rounds instead of an endless battle. To help you understand better, I will show a step-by-step guide below.

  • You and your opponents are in the same room. And all need to overcome a challenge that each round requires.
  • For instance, all have to climb up to a ladder and who reaches the finishing point is the winner. Or all are standing on an unstable bar. What they must do is to jump continuously to avoid falling into the ground.
  • The most interesting thing in this game is that your ball can bounce. So, make sure to take advantage of this to finish the task. In addition, the ball can make itself heavy to bash the opponents or become much harder to push around.
  • Be skillful and agile to direct the ball to move, jump, push the others, etc. in order to complete and become the last person in each round.
  • In case you are defeated, you will become a spectator until the end of the round.

One more thing is that you are able to play as a team if you want. With 2 teams including RED and BLUE, choose one, then carry out the same action and bring your team to the final victory.

With hundreds of different rounds in, I believe that you never feel boring whenever playing this cool game. There is no time for hesitation. Take action and relish fun moments right away!

How to control

  • Movement – WASD or arrow keys
  • Make the ball become heavier – X

Tips and tricks

  1. Be wise when making the ball heavy or you will meet some difficulties when guiding it to move around.
  2. Create an account to create maps, add friends, and level up easily. Walkthrough:

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