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Bob The Robber 4

Rating: 88 of 100

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About Bob The Robber 4

Bob the Robber 4 is another cool puzzle game created by MeowBeast. It is such an interesting game that all people from kids to adults cannot miss. It will never lets you down with amusing new challenges. You will find yourself become more helpful as you are helping Bob overcome all difficulties so that he can protect the city from the danger of Gamp corporation . You will find everything in this game so exciting from watchful securities, cameras, angry dogs, zombies and laser gratings.. Bob needs your support. Don't hesitate to be side by side him.

Unlike Bob the Robber 3 You will have to learn some useful ways to avoid guard  and security camera or you will be arrested. Another way is that you can hide silently in the shadow in order that you can knock out all the guards. Then, you should pick the lock quickly to unlock the door and remember to check all items to look for cash and assets. Do not forget to take the target items and disappear from the exit door. That is the way you finish the mission. After that due to money robbed, you can purchase new costumes and gadgets to support your mission. Every mission will have different difficulties and challenges, so try your best to observe all surrounded tings carefully before you decide to do any things. Hope that you will find simple to beat the France's challenge.

There are also other games in the series for you to play like: Bob The Robber 1, Bob The Robber 2

How to play

You only need mouse to play this game. You start it by clicking "Play". If you cannot wait to enjoy it anymore, you can ignore the introduction. Use the right and left to move. Use the Up arrow to carry out any actions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hide as quick as possible
  • Memorize  all the codes  carefully
  • Act in a fastest way if you can to earn much money for buying equipment and new clothes.

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