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PLAY NOW Yahtzee

Rating: 10.0

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About Yahtzee:

Here comes a unique video game for you and your friends to play and have fun together – Yahtzee. This time, let’s forget about the overwhelmed environment of the big video games and get to Yahtzee, a Dice, Fun, and Platform video game. This game allows you to invite up to three other players (including you) to come and have fun together. However, let’s talk about the first regular game mode, the single player one. This mode has the rules that can be applied for any style of the game you are going to play.
In general, Yahtzee is like a video game to test your fortune, which is perfect for the luck seeker like anyone of us. You will have the chance to play with your destiny, not for just once. Each round in Yahtzee contains three rolls of dices. At any turn, you have to pick one of your remaining combinations from the accordingly list. You can also block a dice if you want to keep it for the next roll.
There are several values on the gameboard, and if you manage to know them all, you will master this exciting video game very soon. Besides, you can have the chance to work your brain out a little bit while you are playing with Yahtzee because the game requires you to figure out your tricks and beat the other players before they hit you! Isn’t it fun exciting? Let’s play Yahtzee now! 

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to interact with the game board and roll the dice as you are asked.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The more friends you invite, the better your gaming experience is.
  2. Read the description of all the in-game values carefully before you start the game.

Yahtzee Unblocked:

  1. You can play Yahtzee Unblocked at! This video game and tons of other unblocked video games are now available for you to come and have fun with them. Remember to pick whenever you feel like playing a video game. Have fun!

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