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PLAY NOW Solarmax 2
Solarmax 2

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About Solarmax 2:

Solarmax 2 is the strategy space battle game. Nico Tuason created it based on the inspiration from gameplay like Starcraft. In that game, you need to attack planets and space centers, and conquer all of space. However, it requires you strategy to do that task.

That game allows you to play in any modern browsers, but you have to install Adobe Flash Player. Besides, if you want to play on your mobile phone, you can download it. It runs in Android and iOS.

It is the war for the galaxy. Your mission is to win every battle swiftly, decisively, and permanently. You need to build hundreds of starships, and use superior tactics to overwhelm your opponents. It is the time for your victory.


  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Good music
  • 36 different missions
  • 3 speeds of the game: half, normal, and double
  • Simple control system and interface

How to play:

  1. Use the mouse to control everything. There are no more functional buttons to remember.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Control the sound of the game as you like
  2. Play in full screen by clicking on the square button

Solarmax 2 Unblocked:

  1. Join in the battle for Earth with that game. You can visit the site and play directly here without any fees. It is the unblocked version, so you can access anywhere.
  2. That game is very friendly, so let’s share it with all your friends and family members to have fun together.