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Relic Of War

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 3

Plays: 1.1k

About Relic Of War:

Relic of War is a strategy game set up during the replacement of the 1940s. You will train the soldiers, unlock new technology, and command the troops to win on the battlefield. Toge Productions builds the game and Armor Games is its publisher. It is a full version for you to experience great combat.

Relic of War received 63,143 plays and received a rating of 9.1 out of 10 with 1,041 votes. Do you like playing this game?” - crazygames

In this war strategy game, you have to fight on the battlefield. First, you have to choose your favorite character. You will build units that can be upgraded and send them out to protect your country.

Let the savage momentum of war pull you in its wake and try to destroy all enemies. You have to complete all achievements to unlock levels, new weapons, and heroes.

You have two episodes in the game, Axis and Allies. Immediately after the battle, you will be presented with an extensive upgrade tree and a handful of possible units. In each stage, you will receive medals to upgrade. You also have some exciting support options, such as air support, medkits, and much more advanced ones later on.

Relic of War has many options such as micro capabilities for your troops to make them "automatically move." However, the added option is a more significant obstacle than a help, since the nature of a one-route-to-victory does not require many detours.

Here is the list of Support on Relic of War:

  • Medical Kit: help you to heal your army.
  • Air Strike: use to call in an attack to make a strafing run.
  • Bomb Strike: use to call in an attack plane to make a bombing run.
  • Napalm: it is thickened burning liquid composition.
  • Bear Trap: use to set bear traps that will slow down enemy movements.
  • Land Mine: use to place landmines in an area.

Walkthrough Axis: the squads include Volksgrenadier, Sturmtruppen, Pioniertruppen, Panzergenadier, Scharfschutzen, Kommandotruppe, ZZ-Pionier, ZZ-Panzerarm, ZZ-Kommando, Uber-soldat, Gorilla-soldat, Kampfwanzer, Schwerwanzer, Helga Frauscharf (Hero), Red Face (Hero), and Heichler (Hero).

Walkthrough Allies: the squads include Riflemen Squad, Rangers Squad, Engineer Squad, Tankbusters, Sniper, Heavy-MG Squad, Elite Engineers, Elite Destroyers, Elite MG Squad, Wolf, Green Berey, Small Cat, Huge Dog, Twin Bros (Hero), and Col. Pierce (Hero).

How to play:

   - Controlling Relic of War through your keyboard is easy. The following are the detailed guide of the main keys:

  • Controls - Mouse
  • W,A,S,D - scroll screen
  • Arrow Keys - scroll screen
  • Space - Switch between units and support tab
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Shortcut to units / supports slot
  • Q - Select All
  • Z - Retreat
  • X - Stop
  • C - Charge
  • + - Speed Up
  • - - Speed Down

Tips and tricks:

  - You can learn some tips and tricks:

  1. You can reset your medals if you are stuck.
  2. Experiment with different kind of squads and fortifications.
  3. You need to train your soldiers and command your troops to victory.
  4. You can upgrade your army into several categories such as the economy, research or armory which bring you many advantages.

Relic of War Unblocked:

  1. Relic of War is a free online war strategy game so that you can play it easily on your browser, especially on Freegames66 site that provides this game unblocked, you can play it even in the place blocking the gaming sites like school, workplaces. The attack gameplay and war strategy help you to enjoy more fun. Let’s fighting!


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