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Jump Basket

Rating: 8.0

Votes: 5

Plays: 656

About Jump Basket:

Jump Basket is a funny and exciting sports video game for those who love basketball. Your team will have two members and you have to hit the ball the basket. Because the ball is really difficult to control, so you have to play it slowly and smoothly. The smoothly you play, the more score and coin you will get.

There are many modes in Jump Basket for you to try. You can defeat other players in the multiplayer online mode. You can also dare your friend with two-player mode. Not only that, if you just one to practice and play lonely, you can choose to play single-player mode. All of these modes will bring you a distinct and funny experience.

Once you click the play button in online mode, you will have to wait for some second as the game find the opponents for you. The screen will also show you how many players are online. When you enter it, you will experience real basketball battle feelings. Try to defeat your opponents and become the winner.

When the game ends, the screen will also show you a percentage board of possession, accuracy, shots, and steals. These figures can help you to balance the way you play. Moreover, each time you score, you will get coins. These coins can be used to but other skins. There are lots of skins with a different rate of coins.

How to play:

  • Press the W to jump and release it to throw

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to beat your opponents and get as many coins as possible to buy the skins in the locker room
  2. Try to keep the ball and hit it at the proper time

Jump Basket Unblocked:

  1. Are you skillful at playing games? Show up your talent with Jump Basket Unblocked now at This website is not only a place for you to show yourself but also a place where you experience free games, smooth playing, and not being blocked.

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