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Home Run Derby

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About Home Run Derby:

This is a really cool sports game in which you'll be playing for a professional baseball team. You'll play the position of the batter. Your goal, of course, is to hit each and every ball thrown to you precisely. The further you hit the ball, the higher the score you earn for your team.

As a professional, your mission is not only just hit the ball. Playing in a big game means the frontier between winning and losing can be one single point. So you'll need every skill you've got, and be completely focus. Moreover, your time to shine is only 60 seconds. The clock will be ticking right at the moment you succeed in the first hit. Then, concentrate and hit as many home runs as possible!

You can select the outfit for your player, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. Have fun playing for your favorite team's color and win the trophies!

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control the game.

Tips and tricks

  1. You can earn extra time by hitting a home run of over 440.
  2. Try to aim precisely. Only when the ball is in the aiming circle can you hit it precisely.

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