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Rating: 10.0

Votes: 1

Plays: 2.1k

About Snailiad:

What do you have in mind now? Is that a game with simple but addictive elements like Snailiad? Developed by Auriplane, Snailiad is an Adventure game that centers on Exploration, Retro elements. The game serves the vintage gameplay which match with the classic game soundtracks. This is a game you can play with your computer keyboard.

Before entering the game, you are able to choose between two levels of difficulty such as Easy and Normal mode. Snailiad takes you in the role of the protagonist named Snaily Snail. With the hope of saving the disappeared snails, you will go on a journey to fulfill your aim. Snailiad offers the wonderful green world with natural environment.

You can explore the game world but don’t forget to stay away from the obstacles you might meet on your way. Snailiad enables you to interact with the other non-playable snails so you can get more information about your journey and the other important clues.

Your snail only has three lives, so be careful and try to survive until the very end of the game if you want to be the one and only winner. Now tight you sit belt and let’s get started with the addictive adventure of Snaily Snail!

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move, press Z. Another way is using  the letter keys W A S D to move and K to jump. You can also interact with the screen by using your computer mouse and left click button.

Tips and tricks:

Press F1 if you want to see the controls again, hit M if you want to see a summary of the snail you are controlling. Snailiad allows you to modify the controls of the game, so you can enter what you want to make you gaming experience even better.

Snailiad Unblocked:

If you want to taste more cool elements from the games, you can try to play Snailiad Unblocked on The site is a perfect place for anyone who is seeking for some fun. Check it out!


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