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Frog Dares

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About Frog Dares:

Frog Dares is a Platform, Adventure and Frog video game with all the kindest contents. The game opens up an Adventure of an Animal Protagonist, who is also known as the Travelling Frog. At the beginning of the game, you will be guided to overcome multiple challenges with the help of a golden Frog, which makes the game less difficult.

As you advance in the game, multiple barries will appear, such as the evil fish hiding in the river, or the flying insects waiting to bite you hard. Besides the moving harms that can easily affect your Frog's life after one touch, you also have to deal with the sharp knights that are arranged somewhere around your way. Your Frog eats insects to gain back the health it loses, and it has to collect as many coins as it can to accomplish the least requirement of every level.

In Frog Dares, the player also has to uncover the secrets that the game hides in each level. As you finish one level, a summary table will be shown up on the screen, as it tells you how good your performance is, and what you may have to reach in the upcoming level to enhance your performance. Frog Dares is quite fun for anyone to enjoy. Are you ready to play this game now?

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move the Frog.
  • Press the X button to attack enemies.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Don't get to close to any enemies, or else, they will have the chance to bite you immediately.
  2. Be careful while crossing the rivers, you would not know when you are attacked.

Frog Dares Unblocked:

  1. At, you can easily get access to Frog Dares Unblocked. After you have overcome all the levels in Frog Dares Unblocked, you can turn yourself to another cool video games that are also located at The servers at always welcome you and your interests whenever you feel like playing games. Check it out!


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