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AFK Heroes is an interesting casual video game. Noe has developed this title. Your mission in this game is to control a group of heroes and you must help them in their courageous journey. Once entering this game world, you just have only one active hero. However, don’t worry as you will fight lonely. You can get three members by hiring them. Archer and Mage are the heroes you can hire. You can hire both of them if you like. But, of course, no one works without money so they are hired if you get enough money. So, go and find mobs which brought you gold.

Moreover, on your process, you will meet chests with additional rewards. These rewards can be opened immediately. Don't you know that your hero is equipped with stock? You can even get more serious equipment and increase its damage by upgrading it. Besides that, the main screen will show red and blue buttons. When the button turns from red to blue, that means your gold is enough for the upgrade. Press it now!

Not only upgrading your weapon, but your hero is also needed to increase the power. There's also a Lvl up button to upgrade your heroes and of course, you still need coins to do that. By leveling up, your character will become stronger and more powerful. Another special point is the special skill of your heroes. These skills can be active when the SP bar reaches maximum. Notice that the higher your level, the more ability damage!

How to play:

  • Use the left mouse to use the buttons in the game.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Play this game in full-screen to keep distractions away and have full experience
  2. Upgrade your level and weapon to gain powerful damage and special skills

AFK HEROES Unblocked:

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