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The Black Knight: Get Medieval

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The Black Knight: Get Medieval

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 1

Plays: 1.2k

About The Black Knight: Get Medieval:

The Black Knight: Get Medieval is an interesting attack and smashing game. It is also considered to be a typical role-playing game. Within this game, players are capable of controlling the black knight, who is a legendary character.

Specifically, the king is not happy because his citizens are avoiding taxes. For that reason, the black knight is obliged to collect taxes from the stubborn citizens, as well as teach them a lesson.

Through several levels of the game, you only need to walk across the city streets while smashing everybody that appears on your way.

Every time you smash someone, the tax will automatically drop on the street, so you just have to collect them. Similarly, smashing the obstacles also brings out the same outcome.

I strongly believe that the gameplay is extremely exciting because of its quick speed and interesting features.

Nevertheless, you need to calculate the timing your smashes since a missed one leads to your character is stunned for a while. Not to mention that you will have to start over if you do not collect enough money.

How to Play:

  • Click your left mouse every time you want to smash something. You can click and hold the button if you want to use the special skill.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Estimate your angle carefully since missed smashes lead to the inability to attack for a short period
  2. Charge attack with a view to releasing “Get Medieval” and smash the entire area
  3. Upgrade your items and weapons after each level
  4. Avoid being turned into a pig by the powerful witch

The Black Knight: Get Medieval Unblocked:

  1. If you want to engage in a simple yet addictive game, then the unblocked version of The Black Knight: Get Medieval will help you fulfill that goal.
  2. Try it out now, as it is a powerful way for you to reduce stress.


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