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PLAY NOW Lego Ironman
Lego Ironman

Rating: 5.0

Votes: 4

Plays: 2.5k

About Lego Ironman:

Lego Ironman is a great action game. If you are looking for a game that is related to the Marvel superhero then this is the game for you. Are you an Ironman fan? In this game you will play as Ironman in a Lego world. You will fly up in the sky and your task is to kill all the bad guys. The game is fun because all the characters here are Lego characters, and you can hear exciting tunes in it.

Your enemies fly using spaceships and you need to use the energy from the Ironman suit to destroy them. You need to dodge the clouds because their lightning bolts will hurt you. Each time you destroy an enemy, your score will increase. Note that if you touch an obstacle or enemy, your health will decrease. And when your health drops to zero, you lose. One thing that I really like about this game is that you have infinite lives.

The interesting thing about Lego Ironman is that you have 3 special skills that you can use. While you may need to charge your energy in a short amount of time to use your special skills, its destructive power is enormous. Save the special skill until you get to Loki, the last Boss of this game. With all that said, I’ll let you explore the game right now. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:           

  • Use arrow keys to fly.
  • Use Spacebar to attack the enemy.

Tips and Tricks:      

  1. You can play the game in full screen mode.
  2. After every time you die, you’ll come back to live but you won’t recover your special skills.

Unblocked Game: 

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  2. Now, enter Lego Ironman Unblocked, use the special abilities from Ironman’s suit and destroy all of Loki’s forces. Play now!

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