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Give Up, Robot

Rating: 8.1

Votes: 111

Plays: 55.2k

About Game:

Give Up, Robot is a great action and platform game that was developed by Matt Thorson and his team. This game was purchased by Adult Swim and released on Newgrounds on August 12, 2010. During the game is the journey of a robot using a grappling hook to overcome all obstacles in a psychedelic setting, and finally reach the goal at the end of each level.

The special thing is the sound of this game. The background music is quite unique. When you complete a level, there is a sound chiding you that "Give up, Robot" or "We are no longer friends", etc. This feature makes this game become more interesting with players. Find out more about this game below!

A bit about the game’s author

Matt Thorson (YMM, YoMamasMama) is a Canadian indie game developer who has created lots of games like Jumper series; Hold off Red; MoneySeize; Give up, Robot series game, etc. And in addition to Give up, Robot, he also created the second game in 2010 as well. This installment is called as Give up, Robot 2.

When he was a kid, he made lots of small games in Game Maker and Flash and called with a special moniker as "Matt Makes Games". Now, in addition to the role of a game developer, Matt is also a designer, a director, a gameplay programmer, and a writer. And in addition to lots of games that he has created, he has also released an open source level editor tool to make game maps. It's called Ogmo Editor.


In this game, you control a robot, sure! Your task is to overcome the obstacles along the way and get to the destination safely. It sounds too simple, doesn’t it? However, there are lots of levels in this game and each of them is really challenge for you. Try to complete your mission as fast as you can.

This game has 2 modes, Normal Game and Hard Game. You must complete all levels in Normal Game to unlock new challenges in Hard Game mode.

Normal Game mode

In Normal Game mode. there are a total of 50 levels for you. In each level, your main mission is to have the robot reach the far right of each level where is designated by two vertical lines running down the edge. In order to overcome all of them, you can move, jump, and use your hook to swing. Use the hook effectively to overcome difficult situations. You almost have to use it at all levels, if you want to complete your mission.

When you play at higher levels, the challenges that this game brings to you will be harder. For example, in level 2, you will face a spike that spins continuously. If you touch the spike, you will die (but you can play again). Note: You can throw your hook to the spike and wing to the target location. Then you will face lava lanes in level 3 and level 4...

After passing the first ten levels, there is a screen coming up and showing you time and score that you have reached. You then have an option of continuing the game or choosing a new game from a list of more game. If you choose to continue the game, lots of new challenges are waiting for you. When you complete all levels in this mode, an ending screen will come up and show you all the time that you have spent to overcome this game as well as your total scores.

Hard Game mode

You will be able to unlock the hard game mode after completing all 50 levels in the normal game mode. This mode consists of 11 additional hard levels. And of course, its challenges are much more difficult than the normal mode and conquering all of them surely will bring you lots of exciting moments. A special point is that after completing level 5 of this mode, there is a scoring screen coming up in your game's screen.

In general, your position and your timing are two important keys to completing this game. With interesting gameplay and unique graphics, I think Give Up, Robot will bring you fun moments. This game also has many other challenges awaiting you to conquer. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Use X or S or up arrow key to jump.
  • Use Z or A to grapple, then use up or down arrow key to adjust and left or right arrow key to swing.

Tips and Tricks:  

  • You can play Give Up, Robot in full screen mode.
  • When jumping, you can hold it for maximum height.
  • You can throw your hook to the spike and wing to the target location
  • There are lots of difficult levels in this game and if you get stuck, let’s watch our walkthrough video below to know how to overcome.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which levels are the hardest in this game?

There are lots of difficult levels in this game. In addition to 11 additional hard levels in the Hard game mode, in the Normal mode, there are several hard levels such as level 38, 42, and 48.

How to beat level 38, 42, and 48 on give up robot?

Use your grappling hook skillfully. In addition, let's see the walkthrough video below to know how to pass these levels.


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