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Earth Taken 3

Rating: 8.0

Votes: 5

Plays: 2.1k

About Earth Taken 3:

Produced by SeethingSwarm, Earth Taken 3 is a Platform game that centers on Action , Shoot ‘Em Up [3] and Rescue elements. The game takes place in the further future when the Earth is not what it used to be. Forces of aliens come and lay waste to the planet. Even worst, the dangerous aliens change the whole system on Earth and you are now one of the captured prisoners.

Your task is to escape from your cage. Before starting the game, you will get to choose your appearance. The game allows you to customize your character’s look by changing gender, backpack, torso, legs and even skin, eyes, head and mouth. The game’s first prologue is Escape, you will find your way to get out of the cage where you are captured in. When you face something that you can’t get through it, just attack it nonstop so you can take it down.

You can also search everywhere for food rations, ammo, gasmask filters and other suppliers. Check your current objective from the Pause menu. Prepare for your adventure to the wonderful game world of Earth Taken 3. The game provides you with the greatest elements that you can’t find in any other flash game. Now let’s rock the game world of Earth taken 3 and see how far you can go.

How to play:

  • Press A to wake up, S to jump, move with the arrow keys.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Reload your weapons often so that you won’t get caught with en empty clip. Make sure you are well. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your radiation level.

Earth Taken 3 Unblocked:

  1. If you are in love with Earth Taken 3, you sure want to try the unblocked version of the game on Now let’s come to this site and play Earth Taken 3 Unblocked and thousands of amazing games like Earth Taken 3 as well.


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