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PLAY NOW City Siege 2
City Siege 2

Rating: 6.7

Votes: 3

Plays: 3.0k

About game city siege 2

 City Siege 2 is an interesting action game which was developed by Thepodge - a famous flash web game developer. This is part 2 of the series game city siege – a very popular game in the world.

In this game, your mission is to protect the Civillians and try to kill the Baddies. You also have to earn the gold star to upgrade your units. When you complete a level, you will earn an amount of money, using these to purchase the new unit.

There are 30 levels in this game which you have to pass to win the game; they are training 1, training 2, training 3, I scream, Baddie bunker 1, Park life, Beach brawl, forecourt fiasco, Ice ice baddie, Baddie bunker 2, space invaders, Sea shells, Missing persons, Safari showdown, Baddie bunker 3, Fight them on the beach, Food fight, Emotional Baggage, Russian Roulette, Baddie bunker 4, Tanks a lot, Gorilla warfare, Jaihouse Glock, Street fight, Baddie bunker 5, Hostile hostel, bar humbug, currency war, terminal departure, and Baddie bunker 6.

How to play game city siege 2?

  •  You can select the troops by clicking them then use the button W to jump; A and D to move. In addition, you can aim the baddie by the mouse, click left mouse to shoot.
  • Besides that, there are instructions for each level in the game, so you can read them to know how to pass the levels.

Tips and tricks in city siege 2

  •  There is a battle map on top of the screen, you can look at the map to know where are you and what happens next.
  • You can turn on or off the sound, the music by clicking the button on the top – right of the screen before starting the game.

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