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PLAY NOW Castaway

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 2

Plays: 1.3k

About Castaway:

If you are feeling like playing games but you don’t know what game to choose, then Castaway is right here to shake your mind up. Developed by LIKWID, Castaway is an Action game that centers on RPG element. The game is free to play on any modern web browser, as long as you have the internet with you.

In the game, you will take the role of a blond boy who finds himself on a strange island. He wakes up and decide to explore the island in order to find things that can explain his situation. Castaway allows you to choose the name for your character, so be creative or just enter your name.

You will be amazed at different features such as Pets, Maps, Inventory, Stats, Attacks and more. After getting into the game field, you will meet a strange creature that follows you all around. Castaway enables you to pet this creature and name him as well. From here, you are able to control your pet and ask him to attack enemies, stay in the current position or return to where you are. The game also brings in smooth controls and beautiful graphics. Enjoy your time in the wonderful game world of Castaway.

How to play:

  • Use either arrow keys or letter keys including A W S D to make your move. With the help of the computer, you can make changes to the screen.

Tips and tricks:

  1. When you have hanging around in the game world for such a long time but you still don’t know how to move on, try to see the hint and tips. You may get the clues you need.

Castaway Unblocked:

  1. On Freegames66, it’s not hard to find Castaway Unblocked. The version of the game on this site has no limit. You are able to rock the game world of Castaway with perfect features. Freegames66 also has thousands of fantastic games like Castaway. Come and check it out!


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