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Are you willing to raise a new uproar in, guys? Do you think that you have enough ability to handle a sphere and carry out a big request in the outer space? As a loyal fan of .io games, nothing can make difficulties, right? Jump into its main screen and PLAY now! 

Learn basic controls

  • Just move your mouse cursor and then your sphere will fly freely in 720 degrees. Try to practice a bit before starting the main fight, okay?
  • Similar to other .io games like or, your major objective is to climb up and maintain the top position on the leaderboard. Travel around and increase mass by gathering dots or fly near large players to drain their mass. But, you need to be careful when doing that because some dangerous situations can happen unexpectedly. For example, you might be eaten when coming to them too close. Therefore, please notice my useful guides below to know how to avoid.
  • Once getting near to anyone, the game instantly displays an indicator that helps you determine who is safe and who is risky. Or just watch out their colorful outline. Avoid the players with the red one and gobble up those with the green one. At that time, don’t forget to hold W or the left mouse to increase your sphere’s speed. As a result, you are able to escape or capture more dots quickly. However, if catching those with the yellow outline, never use the boost. Just hold on S key to stop your sphere before smashing into. Got it?
  • After playing a certain amount of time, do your best to predict other sphere’s trajectories since you can avoid being absorbed. Especially, don’t miss a cool chance to make your sphere look impressive by changing a new skin (Smooth Shade, Planet Earth or Boing).
  • In a word, don’t be worried about failures at the very first beginning. All you should do is to explore as much as you possibly can. I’m sure you will soon recognize how to win this game like what you’ve done in other .io games. Land on here and ENJOY fantastic moments right away! Hope you get a great time! 

Tips and tricks

  1. Always put the mouse cursor in the middle to fly straight ahead with ease.
  2. Hide behind the big spheres if being hunted by someone.
  3. Using each short speed boost will be better. Walkthrough:

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