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Rating: 67 of 100

Votes: 6

Plays: 1,090

About is an interesting online space-shooter game that promises to bring challenge to players.

In this game, you’ll be provided a round spaceship with 2 cannon barrels firing at the front and will compete against other players like you in a large open space. Your goal is to defeat as many players as you can and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Note that there are planets in the map that can give you points if you either shoot at them or run into them, making them explode.

After the battle begins, your spaceship will fly continuously and your job is to control its trajectory, dodge enemy bullets and find a way to fight back and destroy the enemies.

You’ll need to pay attention to these 3 counters:

Ammo: This shows you how rapid your shots are, with the max being 10.0. This counter will decrease the more you fire until it reaches 0 and stops decreasing. It’ll automatically increase back up when you stop firing. When the counter reaches 0, your shots will be slower.

Score: You get points from defeating opponents or destroying planets.

Shield: Allows you to dodge bullets, with the max being 5.0. Like the Ammo counter, it’ll decrease the more you use it until it reaches 0 and stops decreasing. It’ll automatically increase back up when you stop using it.

The game also has a few other features to support the player such as naming your spaceship, choosing the server when logging in...

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How To Play:

  • Use W to Engine on/off.
  • Use A to Rotate left.
  • Use D to Rotate right.
  • Use Space to Shoot missiles.
  • Use Shift to Shield on/off.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You should limit your ammo and shield usage.
  2. Try and get to the top of the leaderboard. Game Walkthrough: