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Cube City Wars

Rating: 10.0

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About Cube City Wars

Cube City Wars is an exciting 2 player shooter game developed by Netv. In this game, each player controls a pixel character. Each time you kill your opponent, you will get a Kill. First player with 10 Kills will win. You can invite your friends and play together on the same PC.

At the start of the game, you will appear in a colorful pixel city with buildings, vehicles, new enemies as well as your opponents. You have a gun which you use to fight with. You need to shoot until your opponent's HP drops to 0 which you will then get a Kill.

Note: You can pick up other weapons on the map to use. There are many different weapons, each with its own characteristics. Each time you kill an enemy or you kill your opponent, you will receive gold coins. Try to get as many gold coins as possible. Another interesting feature is the Dash ability. Use this ability to effectively avoid dangerous situations.

There are cars on the street which you can control. Enter the car as soon as you can to move faster, this is also a good tactic to knock down your opponent. With exciting gameplay and great sound, I'm sure Cube City Wars will bring you a special feeling. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Player 1 use WASD and Player 2 use arrow keys to move.
  • Player 1 use Space bar and Player 2 use L to shoot.
  • Player 1 use E and Player 2 use K to dash.
  • Player 1 use Tab and Player 2 use O to get in car.

Tips and Tricks:  

  1. You can play the game in full screen mode.
  2. When you use Dash ability, your energy meter will decrease. However, it will recover gradually.
  3. Collect the ‘?’ boxes and you will get new weapons.

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