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Mad Trucker

Rating: 10.0

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About Mad Trucker:

Basically, Mad Trucker is categorized as a car driving game with a simple concept. To be specific, you will need to control your car to go as long as you can on the road.

There will be no competition here because every time your car crashes, that day will be ended, moving you to the next day. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that Mad Trucker is a long journey.

When you first open the game, you can choose to view the tutorial, or you might play the game right away.

While players are driving on the road, you need to remain a sufficient amount of fuel and food. Along the way, you will see fuel stations and fast food stores. You need to drive next to these utilities in order to fill up what you need.

Besides, you can also find the repair station in case your car gets hit.

After a day, you can use the money that you earn to purchase upgrades. With each crash, you will be rewarded $1000.

There are 6 components that you can improve, including the engine, controls, fuel tank, food reserve, repair, and lights.

How to Play:

  • Players can control the car by using the arrow key buttons. Particularly, the up arrow button is to accelerate. The down arrow button is to stop the car while the left and right arrow buttons are used to change the directions.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Players can only crash one car, the day will end when you crash the second car
  2. Pay attention when it comes to intersections

Mad Trucker Unblocked:

  1. The unblocked version of Mad Trucker gives you a fulfilling experience as a truck driver. By playing this game, you can have some overwhelming moments of crazy crashing.


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