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Army Of Ages

Rating: 7.5

Votes: 8

Plays: 9.3k

About Army Of Ages

Army Of Ages is a great strategy game developed by Louis-Simon Ménard. Army Of Ages is a game that will give you a special feeling with prehistoric battles. Army Of Ages uses classic graphics and this impresses the player. Your mission in Army Of Ages is to build a mighty army and defeat all your enemies.

Before starting the game, you will enter your profile name and choose the difficulty (easy, normal, hard and insane). Note: with Easy Mode, enemy health and damage is 75%. With Normal Mode, enemy health and damage is 100%. With Hard Mode, enemy health and damage is 135%. With Insane Mode, enemy health and damage is 170%. When you start the game, you will be explained about the basics of the game.

In Army Of Ages, money is very important because you can use it to buy structures and troops. The best way to collect money is with Gatherers. Gatherers collect water and transform it into money. Note that your gatherers have 3 water spots they can go to. And you have to build something to defend yourself, they are offensive units. Offensive units will create a barrier against aliens and will destroy their base later in the game.

Adding ranged units to your army would be a good idea. Melee units act as a shield while ranged units attack from a distance. Fronde man can also attack in the air. In the case where aliens would come up with air units, you would be covered. EXP is gained when you kill units or get your units killed. Each age will grant you with a new Special attack. Special attack is a very effective way to destroy grouped enemies. Army Of Ages still has many other interesting things but I will let you discover them by yourself. Good luck!

How to Play:             

  • Use mouse to control in Army Of Ages.

Tips and Tricks:           

  1. Water spots that are further away will get you more income.
  2. There are two things you can do with EXP: Throw a Special or Evolve.
  3. You can select your unit’s building to upgrade them.
  4. The turret will help you defend your base.


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