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About Tanx

Instead of joining a 2D battlefield in, Tanx brings you to a great 3D playground that can make your mind blow away at first view. If you are curious to uncover it, tap here right away.

How to control

  • Actually, you will not face up with any trouble because its gameplay is very simple and easy. Use WASD or arrow keys to direct your own tank while pressing the mouse to aim and shoot. Start with one of 4 teams including Blue, Red, Green, and Orange.
  • Your main objective is certainly to wipe out all the enemies from the opposing teams via shooting them with your cannon. In addition, you have to combine with your teammates to secure the last victory. Although playing solo is more effective as well, the best way is to rely on the actual situation and then give a quick decision. Got it?
  • To make your battle more exciting, the game features lots of useful items that are around the map. They consist of Repair Kits (improve your health), Ammo Pack (increase your bullets) and Shield (protect your tank from other enemies). Although the Repair Kits are everywhere, you can’t grab it until the health is in danger. Hence, remember to note their positions in your mind and reach there when you truly need.
  • In addition, don’t wait for any leaderboard since you’re a team with other players. Both need to support each other well in order to become the first team to kill the 32 enemies. In my opinion, you should show your aggressiveness at the very beginning. That means when catching any enemies, be agile to aim and shoot them down. And don’t forget to observe a small board at the bottom to know how many enemies you killed.
  • Especially, if you sign in a new account or log in through the social media as Twitter or Facebook, you can save your progress without worrying about losing everything you tried to create. Feel okay with what I’ve talked above or want to have another clear vision? Just access YouTube and then you can see lots of videos that guide how to play. 
  • There is no time for hesitating and waiting. Spend your free time on playing Tanx and gain the victory. Good luck!

Tips and tricks

  1. The Shield is often placed in the middle of the map.
  2. When killing someone, try reaching their base and attack a newcomer. Since he/she is just sent to this game, he/she never knows what is happening. Walkthrough:

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