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Legend Of The Void

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About Legend of the Void

Legend of the Void is a great adventure game. With Legend of the Void, you will be exploring new lands with mysteries, spells and treasures. Besides that, you will face bad guys, witches and monsters. In Legend of the Void, you control a hero and your task is to fight the dark forces. Legend of the Void uses impressive 3D graphics technology. I have been playing Legend of the Void for hours and I believe you will love this game as well.

The Ancient Tomes foretold of a dark ritual that would cause the sky to burn raining fire down upon Earth, and commanding the dead to rise. The Ancient Tomes were not without hope, however. They foretold of a hero who would return from the precipice of death, their fate intertwined with the Void Ritual, to stop the prophecy from completing at any cost. And the hero is you.

Before starting the game, you will choose your class, and enter the name. Legend of the Void có 3 classes: Mages specialize in Arcade magic, Elemental magic and Necromancy, casting powerful spells with their ancient staves. Wielding a two-handed sword and wearing heavy armor, the Warrior devastates enemies with brutal slashes, stabs and slams. Rogues are versatile fighters, utilizing both bows and daggers to dismantle their foes.

Note that the battle in Legend of the Void is turn-based battle. You have many different skills to use in your turn. After defeating enemies, you will have skill and attribute points to spend. Attribute points go towards increasing your physical stats. And each class has 3 different skill trees to use. There are many other interesting points in Legend of the Void but I will let you discover them by yourself. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use mouse to control in Legend of the Void.

Tips and Tricks:            

  1. You can play Legend of the Void in full screen mode.
  2. The battle log keeps track of your current battle.
  3. In the battle, your enemy will always be on the right side of the screen.
  4. In Options, you can change the difficulty.

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