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Instead of waiting until the winter to have a great snow fight with your friends, why don’t you land on to experience a massive battle online? I’m sure that you will fall in love with its gameplay at first sight.

To win this game, what should you do?

  • Similar to other .io games on our site, your utmost objective is to climb up the leaderboard with the highest score through taking down other opponents. Though I have to admit that it’s not easy to complete the big request in the soonest time, especially newbies to the .io series. Don’t be disappointed because I will guide you how to dominate this beautiful snow world.
  • Direct your hero by hitting WASD or arrow keys and use the left mouse to throw a snowball. Let’s get some fun by moving around and attack other players firstly, guys! More interestingly, if you hold the left mouse a bit (about 3 seconds), you can create a big ball that can kill the other in one shot. Sounds great, right? Or hold the mouse longer, a snow block will be created. And you can use it as a shield or just place as much as possible on the ground to build yourself a fortress.
  • Just remember that everything you do is to serve for the final victory. Aside from attacking other players, try taking down some snowmen and get the treats inside them. Or wait to grab candies from the dead players or collect available things during the game. All are useful for increasing your score quickly. However, beware of bears since they will chase until defeating you. Don’t fight, just stay away from them before they catch you.

Remember to level up your hero

  1. You will start as a Snow Noob (level 1) and try gathering XP points from attacking actions or collecting the necessary stuff in order to evolve to Snow Boo (level 2). After every 5 level, the game will show a mini menu where you can access and upgrade some amazing skills such as stop the bear from hunting, enhance speed, increase the damage of the snowball, place bombs, and so on.
  2. As an interesting game made by Xform. won’t let you down. No matter what you want a great snow fight or one of the top positions on the leaderboard, all depend on your true ability. Play and see what you can do! Walkthrough:

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