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If you are a fan of puzzle games, missing will be your biggest regret for sure. As a multiplayer online game, it requires an open mind and creativity to perform the main goal of drawing pictures. Each player has to draw their selected word while others try guessing to get points. Who attains the highest points after completing all of the rounds will be the winner.

How to play

At the beginning, you will get a word and then use the mouse to draw it on a white paper in 80 seconds. If seeing the word “pig” or the word “jellyfish", what will you draw? Or the word “sponge”, will you think about SpongeBob? After your turn, every player alternatively carries out the same task. Of course, you need to guess the answer as fast as you can by typing the correct word by the keyboard. The quicker you can reply, the more scores you will receive. Especially, this game offers a small hint for each round. If the word includes 5 characters, you will see 5 blank boxes on the screen.

Additionally, you are able to create your own room and then invite your friends to play and “fight” each other. One interesting thing is that you might sometimes not believe what craziness is your friends able to paint. And don’t forget to change your character’s look by using available items before playing. Be prepared to laugh out loud with some crazy and funny appearances! 

In sum, the game is extremely entertaining and funny to play. No matter what your skill of drawing is good or not, all that you need is to know how to depict pictures in a simple way and avail your guessing ability. Besides, you need to have a basic knowledge of English language to find out the answers in the soonest time. And we’re sure that your English speaking can be considerably improved by chatting with other players from all over the world. Spend your free time on enjoying this cool game and try your best to earn the highest rank! Or find out other interesting .io games on our website now!

Is there any good strategy?

Depending on each player’s capability, they can plan their own strategy for the final win with ease. As knowing the main request of, all you can do is to gain the scores by availing your mind. Furthermore, you must be fast, strategic and intelligent to become the winner with the highest points. Walkthrough:

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