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Welcome to, the newest addiction to the genre like and! Since this cute game offers new improvements than its predecessors, you will be occupied for hours without getting bored.

How to play

  • The main target is to get 100% completion by covering as much area as possible. To do it, tap WASD or arrow keys to direct a colorful square to move left and right or up and down carefully. After taking a certain area, remember to guide the square to come back home. At the beginning, avoid leaving home too far because you’re in vulnerable conditions. For instance, you will die if someone crosses your passage when you’re moving. Hitting the wall or even crossing your own passage ends the game instantly.
  • However, what makes this game extremely complex is all about other players with different colors. Since they have a sole way to kill you, please look sharp their movements, actions and try to cut off their lines in the quickest time. Relying on that, you can wipe out them as well as taking over their home.
  • As I mentioned above, this game is updated with a new improvement that is coins. Use them to buy avatars to make your square more exciting when playing. Just hit the “?” button on the screen and then you can see different kinds of avatars. But, the big question is how to possess the coins? Well, it depends on your performance during the game. The total coin is actually calculated by multiplying your percentage space by eight and the defeated players by 30. In other words, you have to outspread your room and defeat many opponents to get the coins.
  • So, it’s worth to give a try because it’s fun, addicting and free download. It’s certain that you can’t stop playing until becoming the King with 100% of the score. Don’t forget to reveal your excellent result with us!

Tips and Tricks

  1. When you’re a little square, the key is patience when moving around and expanding the house.
  2. Stop looking at the scoreboard because the largest players can be defeated in a moment. Just make sure you are still alive to receive the coins.
  3. Just overspread the house if there are no opponents in sight.
  4. Expanding along the long edge is a good way. You just travel a short distance out and along your house to get much space as well as creating your safe retreat. Walkthrough:

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