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Instead of joining 2D fierce battles in, or, why don’t you try experiencing a new 3D playground in Is there any special or interesting? Land on its main screen to know now!

How to play

  • Similar other .io games, what you have to do at the very beginning is to type a cute name, then select a cute skin, and START. Your main character is a small rolling ball and you need to enlarge it as much as possible. Use WASD or arrow keys to guide your ball towards other smaller balls and eat them. Remember to combine with the mouse cursor to act effectively, okay?
  • However, be careful of red spikes because they can break you into pieces and make you lose points. No matter there are many balls near the spikes, avoid this place as far as possible. Unless you believe that you can take them without hitting the spikes, you can do. Or you can carry out a trick that features: splitting. Press Spacebar to split your ball into two smaller parts and then be agile to gobble up the others. Make sure not to use this trick when seeing any high-level players surrounding.
  • Aside from collecting the balls for increasing your size, killing other low-level players is more interesting and entertaining. Via rolling over them with a quick speed, you can defeat lots of players. Of course, escaping from the larger competitors is a must. Don’t be foolish to crash into them; otherwise, the game will be over. In case you’re hunted by them, run as quick as you possibly can and avoid moving towards corners.
  • To me, the greatest thing is the 3D map. Everything looks real like I’m getting lost a big world with full of balls. Chase the smaller balls or get away from the larger ones, all are fun and worth for whiling away the time. And don’t forget to climb up the best position on the leaderboard since that’s the only way to prove you’re the best player in the .io world.
  • Although on our site is just a Beta version , you can get a great time when playing. Or download it on the App Store or Google Play so that you are able to relish anytime you want. Don’t wait for its full version anymore! Explore this game or you regret it for your entire life!

Tips and tricks

  1. Never get closer to the spikes or you will be cut into pieces and lose points.
  2. Avoid running towards corners.
  3. Split to eat more balls. Walkthrough:

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