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When hearing at the first time, you might think about a popular character in Japanese anime, called Luffy. Since he accidentally ate a devil fruit, he is able to stretch all his body like rubber. Via playing this game, you also get a great chance to avail his special ability. Are you curious to know how to do? Land on here right now!

Learn to stretch your fist!

  • When jumping into the main screen, you can easily recognize that is quite similar to; however, it’s relied on a unique kind of interaction. The biggest request is to protect your star from other opponent’s attacks as well as finding a high spot on the scoreboard. To accomplish all well, you need to be expert in guiding your fist.
  • Please remember that you only direct your fist, not the star. And both can leave each other for a small distance. So, when moving the mouse cursor, make sure you tap on Spacebar/the left mouse at the same time in order to swap the star and the fist. Relying on that, your fist can collect colorful dots around the map. The more dots you gobble up, the more XP points will be added in your level bar.
  • Of course, swapping is also helpful to attack other players. Whenever facing up with anyone, be skillful and quick to change their position and then knock out the enemy’s star by a single touch. Or in case both fists are confronting each other, the bigger one will win. That’s why gathering the dots at the beginning is extremely important.
  • In addition, don’t miss searching for some amazing thrones that are freely featured by the game. The yellow will help your fist become bigger while the red is to increase the speed. The blue makes you invisible while the green makes you longer. The white will teleport you to the player who attains the highest score. If you’re truly ready to fight against the leader, find the white throne instantly.
  • Easy to control, but hard to manage. Hence, don’t be hurried to underestimate or you will suffer a defeat just within a short time. Access our site, find this cool game, enjoy when you’re free and be fun!

Tips and tricks

  1. The thrones are often placed in the middle of the screen.
  2. To be safe, try to set your fist apart from the star all the times. Walkthrough:

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